Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Black & White

My little sister has just come home from a wonderful o/s experience. She has been living the high life in Edinburgh CBD. Slightly more cosmopolitan that her current digs in mum and dad's spare room down on the farm !
To keep her occupied , she has decided to give the room a little make over. It will allow her a peaceful place to crash but later on will give mum and dad a beautiful yet stylish guest room. We have had a huge discussion and decided to go for a Black and White palate.

I have been looking for some inspiration for her .....

And my fave that would suit the room perfectly....

This image comes with DIY instructions from HERE

Hopefully , i have given her a little bit of inspiration !


Dannielle said...

Oh Ali, I love that second quilt, do you have any details on it?


Camarli said...

Nah, i got the image of flikr ! Sorry :(