Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Love BOOTS !

(Image courtesy of Flikr)

I love boots, there is no other way to put it.... I love the American style cowboy boots. I love the simple ones, the ones with the crazy patterns, the croc skins ones, ohhh how i lust after them.

I think my obsession started when i was 9 , my parents took us on a across country road trip, we zig-zagged the US for 8 weeks. We spent a lot of that trip in little country towns , and the beautiful girls wearing boots intrigued me.

Fast forward 2 or so decades and i have a small collection , that i am looking to expand.


Amy said...

LOL I have a pretty decent collection too! And I love em :)

My actual dress equestrian top boots are my fave - I wish I could wear them with normal clothes!

Anonymous said...

Ohh... me too... I don't own any anymore... but I love LOVE them... I want to get a pair of RM High top boots custom made.... yum!