Sunday, April 26, 2009

A study for the Man !

I love my husband, he is kind of an old fashioned country boy. He never really associated with other children growing up , so instead of acting like a 20-something year old. He is an old man, it is one of his great qualities.
So , why am i rambling on about my husband , well he wants an office/den in our new house and so i have been perusing the net to try and find some inspiration , It needs to be traditional with a modern twist.
I have not had to much luck on the net, i have this idea of a beautiful red/maroon leather chair with foot stool, beautiful old pictures in gold rimmed frames, book shelves to the ceiling, a old leather topped desk. A couple of pics i have found along the way ....

1940s Modern Gilbert Rohde Library/Office

Cozy Office

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April said...

my mum wants a 'library' in her new house, mainly consisting of floor to ceiling bookshelves (filled with books), a leather chesterfield couch or two (they might have to be chesterfield inspired ;) ) and lots of sunshine filling the room.

Oh and a fire place. Sounds like heaven to me!