Saturday, May 30, 2009

Art for Life

I spend a number of years living in the Northern Territory, and i have always loved the beauty of aboriginal art. My parents have a number of beautiful art works and artifacts in there homes, that were given to them by the artist as gifts.

I have been looking online for a piece of art to add to our small collection and come upon these beautiful examples. While , i would prefer to have something painted for us by the artist, as there is so much more to art than just buying off the hook, i thought these might be some great inspiration !

(I am obviously looking for something with red/maroon tones)

All from here - Central Art - Aboriginal Art Store

Desert Oak Honey by Trephina Sultan Thanguwa

Bush Honey by Trephina Sultan Thanguwa

Awelye by Colleen Wallace Nungari

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Shawna said...

The last one is a winner!

If you're interested, check me out at: Shawna's Study Abroad