Sunday, August 2, 2009

M's Room - Befores....

So i have blogged about our new house in a few other posts, it has previously had a minor reno but needs some work , and the first room to get the TLC is Master M's room. (excuse the dodgy picture)

It screams ugly, horrible and outdated. We instantly thought a total wardrobe re-vamp, a modern colour pattern and some plantation shutters. We thought of a built in desk with a wall mounted LCD computer screen that doubles as a TV.

A little bit of inspiration -
(images from google images - source unknown)

However, the more we (ie me) have thought about it, the more i am not to sure. This room is right next door to the Master bedroom and one day in the future could become a nursery.

So, what to do.....If it becomes a nursery , it would need to be uni-sex, have a built in change table and lots of storage. There isn't to many babies that need a desk with a wall mounted TV.

The images that started my hunt for beautiful cabinets , from COCOCOZY

A few Nursery storage ideas ..... All images from Tiny Decor Blog

And from Little Crown Interiors

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