Friday, October 23, 2009

Country Style

Saw this beuatiful pic in November issue of Home Beautiful and fell in love.

It is an Ikea EKTROP , which are super cheap. The 3 seaters starts at $599

And the Armchair starts at $399

They also have washable covers, in a couple of styles. Ikea has recently changed the patterns they do , so trusty old EBAY has lots of the older style covers. They can be found at Ikea from $150 and online for less !

The hugest range of covers can be found at BEMZ
They are a little more expensive but they seem to be more fitted and have so so many colours

So , much inspiration. We have a secret project on the go here , and these ideas might take centre stage. Will fill everyone in when we get the green light.


April said...

I love that couch. I always wanted the blue floral one

Mrs & Mr said...

I have an Ikea Ektorp corner sofa that converts into a bed. The sofa is practical for entertaining but terrible as a bed, I wouldn't recommend it. Also the cushions constantly need re-shaping and plumping which is a bit annoying.

April said...

I have a blogging away for you Rose