Thursday, October 1, 2009

Windmill Art

I love this above image, i saw it in one of my fave mag's "Australian Country Style" and instantly fell in love with it. Then when i stumbled upon this electronic version on Brabourne Farm , i knew i had to share.

I remember the owner of the house and mum of these two cuties saying something along the lines of " i couldn't afford a beautiful big piece of art for this space, so i had my husband get this off an broken old windmill"

What a clever women ! It looks amazing !


April said...

OH I love it!

If you had a smaller version, it would make an awesome clock!

Camarli said...

Yeah it would be an awesome Clock !! Great thinking A !

Bush Belles said...

I actually know the women who made this. It is amazing and shows what a little imagination can do. Her house is fabulous. Cheers