Monday, January 25, 2010

2 minute noodles are not a Sin !

So , i suffer from Mummy guilt like every other Mum i know. There is always something we think we can do better, shouldn't have done or should have done, when it come to raising our children.

Tonight, i am exhausted. It is stinking hot, has been raining all day and Master M has made me play a million rounds of his version of Monopoly, which involves counting dices, dancing and changing silver figures every time you roll the dice, add to this me trying to explain in a non-jaded voice about property development.

So, it rolls around to almost dinner time, and i throw open the fridge door, and yell in my sickly sweet mummy voice "What would you like for dinner ?" , the reply from a very well mannered 4yo "Noodle Box Please". I think i might pass out. When you live 350km's from a major town, Noodle Box is no longer about picking up the phone and calling your fave noodle shop. It is cutting up a million vegies, the meat, mixing together all the ingredients for his fave marinade, putting it all in the wok, with a packet of hokkien noodles and cooking. Then once completed, placing into into a ceramic noodle box dish , we bought especially for the "4yo Noodle Connoisseur"
It was so not appealing tonight, then i reached into the cabinet and pulled out a packet of 2 minute noodles, doused them in boiling water, drained and served !

Master M was ecstatic, and then Mummy guilt set in, and those voices began... I should have made the effort, he needs meat and vegies, 2 minute noodles are not a meal, what would my mother-in-law say....... And then i realised , 2 minute noodles are not a sin. Sometimes easy dinners are the most fun, he doesn't live on them, he will survive and i checked my mummy guilt away for a while.

Ps- And to add to my mummy of the year award(you can nominate me here.... ha ha ha ) ... i gave Master M, Ice Cream for desert


Bush Belles said...

I went to boarding school and we use to live on 2 min noodles. Brings back very happy memories for me. I think they are great!

April said...

honey, you are a damn fine mother. Hell, I lived on 2 minute noodles for a long time as a kid. Ok, so I still can't eat chicken noodles now, but they didn't do me any harm!

Besides, 2 minute noodles seems a lot better diner than what I had tonight

Amy said...

oh that gave me a smile!

Also made me want two minute noodles!

Some days all Elka will eat is hot chips... I figure some days just getting food in her mouth is a good thing!