Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hello Bloggers.... I am Back

Well after a long absence i am back in the blogging world.
It has been a very crazy couple of months.
Instead of writing huge big long paragraphs, i might just dot point.

1) In am pregnant ...... i am currently 15 weeks and feeling very blessed.
2) However , i suffered from Severe Morning Sickness known as 'Hyperemesis' and spent nearly 3 weeks in hospital
3) We have moved into a company supplied house (aka 'the shoe box') in a small-ish mining town inland from Rockhampton
4) Very soon Master M will start Prep , very very exciting and scary

Goodbye 2009 ..... Hello 2010

1 comment:

Bush Belles said...

congratulations, hope your morning sickness improves. Its a sickness like no other. Blog looks great.