Friday, February 12, 2010

We are trading Valentine's Day for Chinese New Year.

So, i hate Valentine's Day, maybe because in the whole time i have known my husband he has never really got the point. I have dropped hint after hint, sent him email after email, and i am still waiting on that elusive pink diamond ring.

I also find it a little crazy that men who treat their wife horribly all year are praised because they cough up the bucks for a bunch of red roses and a box of chocolates. My husband is nice to me everyday (well most days) and i don't think i would appreciate the sentiment, if he followed the trend and bought me the unoriginal gift of red roses on the most expensive day for flowers of the whole year.

So, it just happens that Valentine's day falls on Chinese New Year this year, and so we plan to celebrate Chinese New Years , with a New Years Eve Party.

We have never celebrated Chinese New Year before, but think it is a great way to expand our horizons and allow our Master M a look at other cultures whilst living in a fairly remote area of QLD.

We have a great Chinese Restaurant here, and we thought about going there for dinner, but the logistics of a cranky pregnant mumma (me), a hyperactive 4 yo (M) and a husband who has just come off night shift , didn't really mix.

So, we are having a banquet at home with a few close friends. We will be decorating the house with red decorations, we have red lanterns and red streamers (the best i could do on short notice), we will be eating Jau Gok (Chinese New Year Dumplings, Mandarin Oranges (Mandarins), Melon Seeds (or pumpkin and sunflower seeds), Noodles, ,Whole Fish (if the boys can catch one tomorrow) AND also some very Australian chinese food in spring rolls, steamed dim sims, some stir fry dishes and fried rice.

I know people will laugh and probably cringe out our attempt to celebrate Chinese New Year with such ignorance, but i like the idea of sweeping away the previous year and bringing wealth , prosperity and happiness to our lives.

The only hitch is now Fireworks, but my husband assures me to leave it to him. He knows a man , who knows a man, who something , something. so , we may have a few little snap , crackle and pops in the back yard.


Amy said...

What a great idea!

My birthday is always around Chinese New year so for a treat I would sometimes get taken to China Town. I loved it!

Bush Belles said...

Great idea, we don't do Valentines either, our anniversary was yesterday (we actually forgot) but we prefer to think about that.

SupahMommy said...

Fireworks.. * wink win k

:) I love your idea. Very creative


Jennifer said...

(i'm a new follower!)

I LOVE this idea!!!

Hope you had a blast! :)