Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Amazing Grace ... DIY

Continuing on from yesterday's post , i thought i would show you the print i framed yesterday.
I got the basic idea from Jo over at Your Nearly There Joanna . Jo gave her husband a framed copy of the music to their wedding song as a wedding anniversary present.
I loved the idea, but seeing as i am saving for the Bugaboo Fund and i don't have access to lots of shops, i found the song sheet for Amazing Grace , free online. Amazing Grace was the hymn we sang out our wedding. So ,it has special meaning to me. I also had a frame that had a ugly print in it, so a few quick steps and i had my picture.

i - Find music online and print onto desired size. I saved the music and then edited and got rid of some info i didn't need, plus added a larger song tittle.

ii- I then soaked a couple of tea bags in hot water and once cool, painted the paper lightly with the water.

iii - Once dry , i then painted it one more time, this time with a strong coffee mix. and let it dry.

iv- As, i don't have access to a framer, i wasn't able to cut a mat, so i just filled the frame with a piece of white cardboard.

v - And ta-da, hanging on my office area wall.

Once again , terrible photos, once all the area is completed , i will take some more pics of all my gold projects.


Teneal said...

What a fantastic idea! And a bargain. Look at you Mrs DIY!

Liss said...

that looks fabulous - I think the pictures are great! Well done you!!