Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Photo Walls

I need a photo wall. But i don't want the ussual look of lots and lots of frames. While i love that style of photo wall, my husband will have a pink fit if i ask him to put up a heap of photo frames. The other issue is that our house is small, and a photo wall down our hall way will more than likely narrow the already narrow space.

Currently, all the photos are blue-tacked to my fridge, and they look silly. They are only happy snaps, nothing special, but i would love to have them on display.

Open to any suggestions that anyone may have ??


April said...

What about one massive frame with pre-cut holes for photos?

B almost killed me when I asked him to put 30 hooks in our walls last time, so when we renovated our lounge room we brought frames that allowed 5 photos per frame, meaning we ended up with 5 frames (we culled some photos too).

Would that work?

Britt said...

I have an "animal" photo wall in our living room eg it's photos of us with animals :-P they are in all different frames to suit the animal and they are spaced out evenly.

Do what you want to do :-)