Thursday, July 29, 2010

Eleanor's Birth Story

At 38 weeks, i arrived at the hospital for my planned induction, i had been booked in for a C-section but thankfully she decided to do something right and turn around. On Tuesday night i had the first set of gel done , and nothing happened, a few tightenings but nothing. Wednesday Morning, another set was done , and again a few tightenings but nothing major, Wednesday night , another set of gel and this time nothing at all happened , no tightenings nothing. By Thursday morning, i was starting to get a little depressed and my obs decided to break my waters and start me on the drip. We got all set up in labour ward and obs arrived and broke my waters all over his trousers at 7:35am. He joked that he would send me the dry cleaning bill, and i replied “ if you have this baby out by lunch , i will pay your dry cleaning bill"
The midwife got me up and i showered and returned to the bed for monitoring and the hooking up of the Synto drip. Before she could hook me up the contractions had started and she decided to ring the obs to check he still wanted me on the drip. He told her that he didn't want me to labour all day , as i had with Master M , and so to hook it all up.

Within 15 or so minutes the contractions were quite bad, and then just before 9am , i had my meltdown. I think it had been such a long journey that it all just hit me. The midwife and my husband decided that i needed a shot of pethidine to calm me down and space me out a little bit to get through what was to come. I remember them having the conversation and not including me but i knew that they both had my best interest at heart. So at 9:20 am , i had a Pethidine shot which allowed me a chance to pass out between contractions, and not worry about what was happening.

As her back was against my back , i was really uncomfortable and whilst the midwife advised me to stay active, i felt the most comfortable laying on the bed , as each contraction came i would squeeze my husband's hand with one hand and rub the midwifes hand with the other. Rubbing her hand gave me something to concentrate on.

The midwife left us at 9:55 to go and have a quick drink and she had been gone about 5 minutes when i felt the need to push, i pushed the buzzer and she didn't get back into the room until just after 10. She said that she thought it was bubs just laying on my bowel and not to worry but she would have a quick look to see how things where going.

She took one look and looked up at me and said with this ver panicked look, “Your baby is coming" , she then yelled at my husband to grab her some gloves and hit the emergency button. The midwife grabbed the blue towel thing from under neath me and caught her with that and the end of the bedsheet. At this stage people started running in from everywhere and another midwife introduced herself and held my hand whilst people rushed around getting all the stuff organised that should have been there like clamps, wraps, wipes ect.
She was born at 10.09 , just under 2.5 hours after my waters where broken.

They then put her briefly on my chest and then grabbed her from me and took her over to the resus table to check her out. The obs came rushing in , gloves on to realise he had missed all the action.

Our little girl was checked out and given oxygen before they handed her back to me and my husband took a quick photo of us before they decided it was best for her to go to SCN.

To us names and meanings are very important and all 3 of her names are family names

E- meaning "sun ray, shining light"
G- meaning "favor; blessing & the hymm sung at our wedding
M- meaning "fire-born; son/daughter of the wise ruler".

We are so very blessed to have added another child to our family. She is Master M's little sister and our beautiful baby girl.


Born - 17th June 2009 10.09am
Weighing - 7lb 1oz
Length - 47cm

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wow! fast! congratulations on lovely Eleanor.