Monday, August 23, 2010

Election Baby

We love politics in this house. My husband and i are both political junkies and support opposite political parties ! Election night is always a high tension night filled with good food, good laughs and a lot of ribbing each other.

Eleanor was only a few days old when Julia Gillard become Australia's first female PM, and i am sure it is something we will tell her about when she gets older.
She got a "I Voted" sticker from the polling both and while i was tempted to take her photo out the front near all the election posters, i decided against it !

My husband joked that she was upset because she was with me when i voted for a certain party.

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Christine's Arts said...

Hi, I like your rambling blog. Following from California! Congrats on your first female PM!! that is exciting news. BTW, She is such a cute baby!! so photogenic.

Simone said...

I found you through Jo's blog...

Will come back and read more when I have more time.